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Forward Thinking Systems was founded with a vision to create unique and user-specific technology.

If you have become fed up with technology that “approximates” adequacy, we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by the raw efficiency of technology that has been customized for your business.

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Electronic Log-Books

Optional Add-on

Make DOT violations a thing of the past by using the Garmin DEZL 560. We offer a complete 395.15 FMCSA compliant eLog-book solution — a major step towards a safe, efficient, and legal fleet.

Your drivers will be able to keep perfect logs, which will be centrally-stored and retrievable from anywhere in the world. Drivers will be notified when they are about to run out of legal driving time, or have violated a driving regulation. Dispatchers and fleet managers will know exactly how much time remains for each driver before they cross the legal road-time limit. 7 or 8 days of logs are always stored on the Garmin device; they can be saved to an SD card, emailed, or just viewed on the device.

Using electronic log-books will guarantee the accuracy of your fleet’s logs, and make it easy to manage your drivers’ activity without maintaining stacks of paper.

Dispatch & Messaging

Assign stops to vehicles, send messages, and get notified when your drivers make progress on their route. Using our web application, you will be able to manage every aspect of your drivers’ activity with ease.

Two-way messaging between dispatchers and drivers will keep them in constant contact with each other, which will reduce errors, improve efficiency, and help you run your fleet with fewer headaches.

Quick (preset) Messages

Quick messages are pre-composed messages that can be sent between the driver and the dispatcher without the need for typing. The driver simply selects the desired message from a list e.g. "I'm done with my deliveries for today", and sends it with a single click. The list of pre-composed messages resides on the Garmin device and can be updated or customized via the Forward Thinking Web Application.

Dispatchers can create their own customized list of pre-composed messages e.g. "Are you free for another stop?", which they can send to driver's Garmin device with just a few clicks.

In-Cabin Notifications

Each time an event is triggered e.g. speeding, idling, harsh braking, or crossing a geo-fence, the Garmin will display a popup message to alert the driver. Notifications can be customized to include stop assignments, green driving alerts, and almost every other type of activity.

Driver ID

Drivers will sign in to the Garmin device using their unique username and password. Once signed in, all their behavior and activity will be linked to them personally; not only will you know which vehicle triggered an alert, you'll know which driver triggered it.

Commercial Navigation & Routing

Turn-by-turn navigation specifically designed for trucking will ensure that your drivers never get lost or drive through a prohibited area.

Visual Speeding Display

The Garmin display features a digital speedometer that compares the current vehicle speed with the legal limit. If a driver exceeds the legal speed limit, the Garmin will notify them immediately and Forward Thinking will record the incident.